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Patent Issue

HOTECIG is a trade company based in Shenzhen, China. 

The products listing on our website were not produced by us. As a re-seller, we are carrying the products produced by various factories in China. If you own the patent of products which listed on our website, please kindly report it to  We do not have any intention to infringe it with the knowledge of patent unless we didn't aware it before we list it. 
Once it is reported, we will do some research and remove from the site. A  chance is highly appreciated.

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ePacket Shipping Delay Announcement

Dear Valued Customer, 
We just received the message from the China Post that the shipment via ePacket to most countries will be delayed. there is no enough shipping space due to the selling season is arriving. and Hong Kong customs increase the effort for security checking.

If your parcel is shipped to the United States or Canada or Australia or Russia or France via ePacket will be delayed for processing, due to the local post office cannot process the packages in time which result to a large number of packages are delayed.
We apologize for all the inconvenience caused you and we appreciate it for your understanding!

Hotecig Team