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Army Green [1]Barss [1]Black [277]Black Green [3]Black Red [7]Black+Gold [1]Blue [76]Blue Dots [8]Blue White [1]Brass [30]Brass Black [1]Bronze [1]Bronze Tone [1]Brown [3]Bule [1]Camo [2]Camo Gray [1]Camo Green [1]Camo Purple [1]Champagne Color [1]Color Assorted [1]Colorful [20]Copper [35]Cyan [2]Frosted ash [1]Gold [72]Gold Blue [1]Gold copper [2]Gray [8]Gray, Black [1]Green [45]Green Dots [5]Green Yellow [1]Green, Pink [1]Grey [4]Grey Gold [1]Gun color [1]Hot-pink [1]Ivory [1]Leopard [3]Light Blue [7]Luxury gold color [1]Multicolor [20]Multi-Color [2]Navy [1]orange [6]Pink [20]Pink Dots [1]Purple [23]Rainbow [3]Rainbow color [1]Random Color [47]Random Colors [1]Red [67]Red Black [2]Red Dots [7]Red Purple [1]Red Yellow [1]Rose gold [6]Rose Red [3]Silver [507]Silver Black [1]Silver Copper [1]Silver Red [1]Silver+brass [1]Silvery [1]Stainless Steel [2]Tan [2]Translucent [9]Transparent [24]Transparent color [3]Transparent, Red [1]Transparent+Black [1]White [68]Wood [3]Yellow [20]
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