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Blue [1]Advanced Gray [1]Ancient bronze [1]Azure [1]Barss [1]Black [385]Black Brown [1]Black Crocodile [1]Black Crocodile Skin (Artificial) [1]Black Gold [5]Black Gray [1]Black Green [2]Black Gun [1]Black ocean [1]Black Paillette [1]Black Prism [2]Black Red [15]Black Silver [3]Black White [5]Black Yellow [1]Black/Grey [2]Black/Red [2]Black/Silver [1]Black+Brass [1]Black+brown [1]Black+Red [3]Black+Yellow [1]Blue [128]Blue Black [2]Blue Dots [1]Blue purple [1]Blue Red [2]Blue silver [1]Blue yellow [1]Blue+Silver [1]Bluish green [1]Brass [8]Bright gray [1]Bronze [5]Brown [14]Camo [4]Camo style [1]Camouflage [2]Carbon Fiber [1]Champagne Gold [2]Chinoiserie [1]Claret [1]Coffee [1]Coffee Black [1]Coffee Gold [1]Colorful [27]Copper [10]Cyan [2]Dark Blue Cross Pattern [1]Dark Blue Snake Skin (Artificial) [1]Dark Orange [1]Dark red [1]Dazzle [2]Desert Camouflage [2]Ditch dark [2]Flowing Color [1]Frosted blue [1]Frosted green [1]Frosted pink [1]Frosted red [1]Frosted white [1]Fuchsia Snake Skin (Artificial) [1]Gold [51]Gold Black [3]Golden Macadam [1]Gray [4]Gray, Black [1]Gray,Silver [1]Green [45]Green Black [2]Greenery [1]Grey [27]Gun [1]Gun color [14]Gunmetal [1]Honeycomb Resin [1]Hot Pink [1]Iron grey [2]Jade [1]Knurled Blackout [1]Leopard [2]Light Blue [6]Light gray Gold [1]Light pink [2]Light purple [1]Light yellow [1]Lizard [1]Luminous color [1]Luxury gold color [1]Multicolor [11]Navy Blue [1]Navy Blue Black [2]orange [19]Pink [30]Pink Black [2]Platinum [2]Pumpkin orange [1]Purple [28]Purple Black [3]Purple Jade [1]Purple red [4]Rainbow [9]Raisin [2]Random Color [14]Red [182]Red Black [6]Red Blue [2]Red Crocodile [1]Red Dots [1]Red Gold [2]Red White [1]Red yellow [1]Resin [1]Retro copper [1]Rose Gold [13]Rose Red [1]Royal Blue Macadam [1]Rubber black [1]Shiny black [1]Silve [1]Silver [247]Silver Black [7]Silver brown [1]Silver Red [1]Splatter Color [1]Stainless Steel [4]Stealth black [1]Striae [1]Swirled Metallic Resin [1]Tan [3]Tiffany Blue [1]Tiffiny Blue [1]Totern In Cork [1]Turquoise [3]UItem [1]Water Drop [1]White [140]White Black [2]White Crocodile Skin [1]White Snake Skin (Artificial) [1]White+Green [2]wood [5]Wood grain [1]Yellow [53]Zijin [1]
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ePacket Shipping Delay Announcement

Dear Valued Customer, 
We just received the message from the China Post that the shipment via ePacket to most countries will be delayed. there is no enough shipping space due to the selling season is arriving. and Hong Kong customs increase the effort for security checking.

If your parcel is shipped to the United States or Canada or Australia or Russia or France via ePacket will be delayed for processing, due to the local post office cannot process the packages in time which result to a large number of packages are delayed.
We apologize for all the inconvenience caused you and we appreciate it for your understanding!

Hotecig Team